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Moving In

Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding moving into your new property, on 03 688 6277 (Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm) or via email at For urgent enquiries please contact your property manager on 027 688 6277.

Pre-Tenancy Costs

The bond and rent in advance must all be paid in full before you will be given the keys to the property. These costs and their due dates are noted on the tenancy agreement.


Keys to the property will not be handed over until the commencement date of the tenancy and all monies are paid in full.

Locks must not be changed unless prior approval from your property manager is given and a full set of keys is supplied.

Repairs and maintenance

Call or email us with any repair or maintenance requests.

We will attend to repair and maintenance requests as soon as possible, however, in many instances we require the owner’s approval, or quotes to be obtained, before work can begin.

If repairs are urgent and serious (leaks, no hot water, no power etc), please call the office on 03 688 6277, or call your property manager directly.

Property Inspection Report

You will receive a copy of the initial inspection report, which is completed prior to your tenancy beginning.

This report must be signed and returned to the office within 14 days of the date you received it, or the date your tenancy commences (whichever is later). Please note anything you wish to add on the report given.

If a signed copy is not returned to the office within the correct time frame (or not returned at all), and a dispute arises at the end of your tenancy, the condition of the property will be assessed as that indicated on the report completed by Ray White.

Any discrepancies between the initial inspection and the condition of the property after the end of your tenancy will be your responsibility to repair (fair wear and tear excluded.)

Routine Inspections

Inspections will be completed every 3, 4 or 6 months depending on your landlord’s preference.

You will receive at least 48 hours’ notice of a routine inspection. These may be emailed to you so please ensure you check your email regularly. Other important documents may be emailed to you from time to time as well.


Your tenancy agreement states the maximum number of people who can reside the property. If there is any change in the original occupants, or if you intend to invite any additional occupants, please notify us immediately for approval.

Rubbish Collection and Recycling

See the Timaru District Council website for information on the collection of rubbish in your area:


The owner of the property is not responsible for any tenant possessions. Bearing that in mind it is strongly recommended that tenants arrange their own contents insurance. This policy will cover your possessions against fire, burglary, storm damage and the like.

Tenant liability cover protects you against if, for example, you cause the house to burn down, damage the home or you are liable for the owner’s excess regarding any insurance claims made.