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Market Strategies

At Ray White Timaru we understand that there is a lot more to placing your house up for sale than simply placing a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of your property. Below you will see the three major marketing strategies we use to sell your property.

Sale by Exclusive Agency

Your property would be placed in our hands as exclusive agents for the agreed period of time. As your exclusive agent we are committed to actively marketing the property for sale.

Under this arrangement the property will be promoted to the market either with or without a predetermined asking price. The terms of the final contract can be changed as a consequence of negotiations with the buyer.

Some consider this method suitable if they are not in a hurry to sell and are prepared to wait until the right buyer comes along.

  • Placing a price on your home guarantees that the amount set will be the maximum price you will be likely to achieve. People often offer less, but rarely more!
  • This often leads to vendors over pricing their home, which itself eventually has a negative effect upon the price achieved.
  • As a result of the unlimited time frame, there is little urgency placed upon potential purchasers to buy your property.
  • Their own personal needs and the general market conditions are the only two things placing pressure on the buyers.

Sale by Tender

The marketing concept for this strategy is similar to that of Auction except that both you and the purchaser can achieve a sale without the loss of confidentiality associated with a Public Auction.

The purchaser must complete a form of tender and submit this together with a preliminary deposit to the agent before the determined closing date. As the seller, you may accept, reject or further negotiate with whichever tender you wish.

The disadvantage is that a purchaser may impose conditions with their offer and these conditions could be subject to considerable negotiation prior to the sale being effected. The law precludes the vendor accepting offers prior to the close of tenders. As a consequence of those conditions, the sale may fail to proceed to becoming unconditional.

Set Date of Sale

Very similar to the Tender process except that all offers are written on the standard, Law Society Sale and Purchase contract, there are no specific requirements re deposit or the locking in of tenders for any period post closure, you may accept offers prior (all parties are notified) and all offers are negotiated by the salesperson.